Webwatch URL monitoring
Webwatch checks HTTP/HTTPS URLs and sends mail if there's a problem.

If you have one or more web apps running, you want to be the first one to know if one of them is down.

Webwatch is a command line tool that checks webapps and send email if one of them has a problem. Configuration is easy: Just start webwatch with a json config file, like so:

user@wombat ~ # cat path/to/config.json
    "urls": [
        ...more urls
    "checks": "5m",
    "reports": "12h",
    "limit": "1h",
    "mail" : {
        "subject" : "[Webwatch] WOMBAT",
        "from" : "info@wombat-app.io",
        "to" : "myself@gmx.de",
        "host" : "smtp.gmx.de",
        "username" : "example_username_00012",
        "password" : "example_password_00012"
user@wombat ~ # webwatch -config path/to/config.json

Webwatch will check the configured URLs in a 5 minute interval (see checks field). If one of the URLs changes from 'reachable' to 'unreachable' or vice versa, Webwatch will send a mail to myself@gmx.de (see mail configuration). Additionally, Webwatch will send a report mail after 12 hours (see reports field), even if no URL changed. No matter how often the URLs change (or not), Webwatch will not exceed the rate-limit of 1 mail per hour (see limit field)

Webwatch is written in Go, so it will run an any system supported by Go. Check it out on github: